For personal reasons the restaurant is closed definitely

Welcome to Bistro Piquillo, your neighborhood bistro
Let us introduce ourselves: Piquillo’s team is made up of chefs José Ignacio Rodríguez and Anabela Gonçalves.

Jose Ignacio Rodriguez has over 20 years of experience as a chef. His father is from Madrid and his mother from Navarra (Basque Country) so, he has in his blood the tradition of two great cuisines: Spanish and Basque cuisine. He has studied in Toronto and London and he has worked in different countries with internationally renowned chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Anton Mosimann in London, Arzak in Spain, Normand Laprise (Toqué) and Claude Pelletier (Mediterranio) in Montreal.
Anabela Gonçalves is a peculiar Portuguese. A great lover of traditional Portuguese cuisine she has studied and worked in London, Lisbon, Cairo and Greece. Since 2002 she has made Montreal her home. She is responsible for the amazing desserts that you will enjoy at the bistro.
Adding both experiences they have decided to realize their dream: managing their own restaurant. They will offer their customers the flavors of the Iberian and Mediterranean cuisine based on seasonal products.
Now that you know us, the only thing left to do is to invite you to take a seat in our Bistro and enjoy our traditional cuisine. Our soul goes into each dish.
Bon appétit!